Linux System administration on Ubuntu Server

Learn Linux System Administration

Demand for Linux System Administrators are high. Moreover, even if you are a programmer or web master, knowing Linux System Administration will enhance your overall skillset.

A bit of history

In 1969 Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson developed the C language and the Unix operating system at AT&T Bell Labs. They shared their source code and people started developing on it. Later AT&T started selling it commercially. So, there were two versions of it, one is the official AT&T Unix, and the other one is free BSD Unix

In Eighties, GNU(GNU is Not Unix) project was started. Richard Stallman was the most profound person in the project. This is project came out with many awesome tools which are still used in modern Linux systems. Giant organizations developed their own versions on LInux, for example, IBM created AIX, Sun SunOS (later Solaris), HP HP-UX etc.

in Nineties, Linus Torvalds created a new Linux Kernel.

Linux is found from Super computers and tablets and smart phones today. More than 90 percent of supercomputers (including the complete top 10) runs Linux. More than half of all smartphones and a major chunk of tablet computers alos run Linux. Almost 70% of the web servers are run on Linux. Amd last but not least, millions of people run their Dektops on Linux.

What you will learn

Commands and utilities: If you want to master Linux, you must make yourself familiar with Linux commands to perform several tasks and as well as many command line utilities to do system administrations tasks like a professional.

System administration: Next you will learn about various system administration tasks like user management, filesystem and partitioning, software and package management etc.

Server administration: In the next part you will learn about installing and configuring Web, Mail, FTP, NFS etc. servers.