MySQL greater than operator

greater than operator

MySQL greater than operator checks whether an expression is greater than another expression.



MySQL Version: 8.0

Example: MySQL greater than operator

The following MySQL statement will fetch those publishers from the publisher table who have more than 10 branch offices.

Sample table: publisher


-- This query selects specific columns from the 'publisher' table where the number of branches is greater than 10.
SELECT pub_name, country, pub_city, no_of_branch 
-- This statement specifies the columns to be retrieved: 'pub_name', 'country', 'pub_city', and 'no_of_branch'.
FROM publisher
-- This part of the query specifies the table from which data is being retrieved, which is 'publisher'.
WHERE no_of_branch > 10;
-- This clause filters the rows to include only those where the 'no_of_branch' column has a value greater than 10.


  • The purpose of this SQL query is to retrieve information about publishers that have more than 10 branches.

  • SELECT pub_name, country, pub_city, no_of_branch: This part of the query specifies the columns to be selected from the 'publisher' table. It includes the publisher's name (pub_name), country (country), city (pub_city), and the number of branches (no_of_branch).

  • FROM publisher: This part specifies the table from which the data is being selected, which is the 'publisher' table.

  • WHERE no_of_branch > 10: This clause filters the results to include only those rows where the no_of_branch column has a value greater than 10. This ensures that only publishers with more than 10 branches are included in the results.


mysql> SELECT pub_name,country,pub_city,no_of_branch 
    -> FROM publisher
    -> WHERE no_of_branch>10;
| pub_name             | country | pub_city | no_of_branch |
| Jex Max Publication  | USA     | New York |           15 | 
| Mountain Publication | USA     | Houstan  |           25 | 
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

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