SQLite upper() function


SQLite upper() converts all the characters in a string to uppercase characters.

The upper(X) function returns a copy of input string X in which all lower-case ASCII characters are converted to their upper-case equivalent.



SQLite Version: 3.8.5


Name Description
X A string whose characters are to be converted to uppercase.

Pictorial Presentation

SQLite UPPER() pictorial presentation

Example: SQLite upper() function

The following SQLite statement returns the given string after converting all of its characters in uppercase.

SELECT upper('my test string');

Here is the result.

Sample Output:

upper('my test string')

Example of upper() function on column of a table

The following SQLite statement returns the value of the column first_name from employees table after converting it from lower to upper case.

Sample table: employees

SELECT first_name,upper(first_name) 
FROM employees

Here is the result. Here we have displayed the result only 10 rows as a sample result.

Sample Output:

first_name  upper(first_name)
----------  -----------------
Steven      STEVEN
Neena       NEENA
Lex         LEX
Alexander   ALEXANDER
Bruce       BRUCE
David       DAVID
Valli       VALLI
Diana       DIANA
Nancy       NANCY
Daniel      DANIEL

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