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Sql non equi join

SQL non Equi Join



The SQL NON EQUI JOIN uses comparison operator instead of the equal sign like >, <, >=, <= along with conditions.


FROM table_name1, table_name2 
WHERE table_name1.column [> |  < |  >= | <= ] table_name2.column;


Name Description
column Name of the columns of the corresponding tables.
table_name1, table_name2 Name of the tables participating in joining.


Here is an example of non equi join in SQL between two tables

Sample table : orders

Sample table : customer

To get 'ord_num' and 'ord_amount' columns from 'orders' table aliased as 'a' and 'cust_name' and 'working_area' columns from 'customer' table aliased as 'b' after joining said two tables with following condition -

1. 'ord_amount' of 'orders' table matches any of the 'opening_amt' of 'customer' table,

the following sql statement can be used :

SELECT a.ord_num,a.ord_amount,b.cust_name,b.working_area 
FROM orders a,customer b 
WHERE a.ord_amount 
BETWEEN b.opening_amt AND b.opening_amt;


Sql non equi join

Key points to remember

Click on the following to get the slides presentation -

SQL JOINS, slide presentation

Outputs of the said SQL statement shown here is taken by using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition.

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