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SQL join two tables related by a composite columns primary key or foreign key

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In this page, we are going to discuss such a join, which is made up by using two tables which contain a composite PRIMARY KEY (i.e. a PRIMARY KEY made up of more than one columns of a table) and FOREIGN KEY.


Here is an example of composite key in SQL between two tables.

Sample table : student

Sample table : studentreport

To get 'name', 'title', 'class', 'section' and 'rollid' from table 'student' and 'grade' and 'semister' from table 'studentreport' together after a joining, with following conditions -

1. 'class', 'section' and 'rollid' combination is primary key in 'student' table

2. 'class', 'section' and 'rollid' combination is the foreign key in 'studentreport' table which is referencing to the primary key of 'student' table.

3. 'class', 'section' and 'rollid' of 'student' and 'studentreport' must be same.

the following SQL statement can be used :

SELECT a.name,a.title,a.class,a.section,
FROM student a, studentreport b
WHERE a.class=b.class 
AND a.section=b.section
AND a.rollid=b.rollid;


NAME                           TITLE                     CLASS SECTION      ROLLID GRADE SEMISTER
------------------------------ ------------------------- ----- -------- ---------- ----- ----------
Robert                         Paul                      VI    A                 2 A+    2Nd
Danny                          Moris                     V     B                15 AA    1St
Robert                         Paul                      VI    A                 2 A+    1St
Deepak                         Saxana                    V     A                15 AA    2Nd
Deepak                         Saxana                    V     A                15 A++   1St

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