HTML5 Basic (Tag and attribute) - Exercises, Practice, Solution

HTML5 Basic (Tag and attribute) [exercises with solution]

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1. How to comment HTML tags?

2. How to create a hyperlink?[More question on this]

3. How to author an abbreviation or an acronym?

4. What is the correct way to write address in an HTML document?

5. How to create an area inside an image-map?[More question on this]

6. Create an HTML document which uses article element?

7. Create an HTML document which uses aside element?

8. How to embed audio in a HTML document?[More question on this]

9. How to write bold text using HTML tags?

10. How to specify the base URL/target for all relative URLs in a document?

11. How to isolate a part of the text that might be formatted in a different direction from other text outside it?

12. How to override the current text direction?

13. How to define a section that is quoted from another source?

14. How to define the document's body?

15. How to define a single line break?

16. How to define a clickable button?[more question on this]

17. How to draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting?[more question on this]

18. How to define a table caption?

19. How to define the title of an HTML document?

20. How to specify the column properties of each column within a colgroup element?

21. How to define a piece of code?[more question on this]

22. How to specify a list of pre-defined options for input controls?

23. How to define a description/value of a term in a description list?

24. How to semantically delete text from an HTML document?[more question on this]

25. How to define additional details that the user can view or hide?

26. How to represent the defining instance of a term?

27. How to define a dialog box or window with an HTML tag?

28. How to define a section in a document?

29. How to define a definition list?

30. How to define a term or name in a definition list?

31. How to emphasize text in an HTML document?

32. How to define a container for an external (non-HTML) application?

33. How to groups related elements in a form?

34. How to define a caption for a figure element?

35. How to specify self-contained content?

36. How to define a footer for a document or section?

37. How to define an HTML form for user input?

38. How to define an HTML heading?

39. How to define information about the document?

40. How to define a header for a document or section?

41. How to define a thematic change in the content?

42. How to define the root of an HTML document?

43. How to define a part of text in an alternate voice or mood?

44. How to define an inline frame? [more question on this]

45. How to define an image? [more question on this]

46. How to define an input control? [more question on this]

47. How to define a text that has been inserted into a document? [more question on this]

48. How to define a keyboard input?

49. How to define a key-pair generator field (for forms)?[more question on this]

50. How to define a label for an input element?[more question on this]

51. How to define a caption for a fieldset element?

52. How to define a list item?

53. How to define the relationship between a document and other resources? [more question on this]

54. How to specify the main content of a document?

55. How to define a client-side image-map?

56. How to define marked/highlighted text?

57. How to define a list/menu of commands?

58. How to define metadata about an HTML document?[more question on this]

59. How to define a scalar measurement within a known range?[more question on this]

60. How to define navigation links?

61. How to define an alternate content for users that do not support client-side scripts?

62. How to define an embedded object?[more question on this]

63. How to define an ordered list?[more question on this]

64. How to define a group of related options in a drop-down list?[more question on this]

65. How to define an option in a drop-down list?[more question on this]

66. How to define the result of a calculation?[more question on this]

67. How to define a paragraph?

68. How to define a parameter for an object?

69. How to define preformatted text?

70. How to represent the progress of a task?

71. How to define a short quotation?

72. How to define text that is no longer correct?

73. How to define a client-side script?[more question on this]

74. How to define a drop-down list?[more question on this]

75. How to define smaller text?

76. How to define multiple media resources for media elements?[more question on this]

77. How to define a section in a document?

78. How to define important text?

79. How to define style information for a document?[more question on this]

80. How to define subscripted text?

81. How to define a visible heading for a details element?

82. How to define superscripted text?

83. How to define a table?

84. How to group the body content in a table?

85. How to define a cell in a table?

86. How to define a multiline input control text area?

87. How to group the footer content in a table?

88. How to define a header cell in a table?[more question on this]

89. How to group the header content in a table?

90. How to define a title for the document?

91. How to define a row in a table?

92. How to underline a text in an HTML document?

93. How to define an unordered list?

94. How to define a variable?

95. How to define a video or movie?[more question on this]

96. How to define a possible link-break?

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