MySQL POSITION() function

POSITION() function

MySQL POSITION() returns the position of a substring within a string.


POSITION(substr IN str)


Name Description
substr A string whose position within another string (str) is to be retrieved.
IN Keyword.
str A string within which the position of the substring (substr) is to be retrieved.

The above function is a synonym for LOCATE(substr,str).

MySQL Version: 5.6

Video Presentation:

Pictorial Presentation:

MySQL POSITION() pictorial presentation

Example: MySQL POSITION() function

The following MySQL statement returns the position of the substring ‘ou’ within the string ‘w3resource’


>SELECT POSITION("ou" IN "w3resource"); 

Sample Output:

mysql> SELECT POSITION("ou" IN "w3resource"); 
| POSITION("ou" IN "w3resource") |
|                              6 | 
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

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