PHP: String operator

String Operators

There are two string operators : concatenation operator ('.') and concatenating assignment operator ('.=').

Example : PHP string concatenation operator

$x = "Good";
$y = $x ." Morning";
// now $y contains "Good Morning "
echo $y;


Good Morning

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Example: PHP string concatenating assignment operator

$x = "Good";
$x.= " Morning";
echo $x;


Good Morning

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PHP: Tips of the Day

Variables can be incremented or decremented by 1 with ++ or --, respectively. They can either precede or succeed variables and slightly vary semantically, as shown below.


$i = 1;
echo $i; // Prints 1
// Pre-increment operator increments $i by one, then returns $i
echo ++$i; // Prints 2
// Pre-decrement operator decrements $i by one, then returns $i
echo --$i; // Prints 1
// Post-increment operator returns $i, then increments $i by one
echo $i++; // Prints 1 (but $i value is now 2)
// Post-decrement operator returns $i, then decrements $i by one
echo $i--; // Prints 2 (but $i value is now 1)

More information about incrementing and decrementing operators can be found in the official documentation.