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C Snippets [29]

1. How to get the length of an array in C?

2. Difference between const int*, const int * const, and int const * in C?

3. Pre Increment Operators.

4. Boolean values in C language.

5. What is size_t in C?.

6. What is a static variable in C?

7. How do you print a boolean in C?

8. Generate random integers in C.

9. How to list all files, sub-directories in a directory using C?

10. What is the efficient way to define the main() function in C?

11. What is the present C language standard?

12. Find the Size of int, float, double, char, pointers and structure?

13. What is the difference between float and double in C?

14. Printing leading 0's in C.

15. Implementing a custom printf() function in C.

16. Example of C custom strcmp() function.

17. Difference between char * const and const char *?

18. What is the difference between char a[] and char *a?

19. How to convert a character to an integer, float in C ?

20. Implementing a custom memcpy() function.

21. Implementing a custom atoi() function.

22. C program to define Macro to find maximum/minimum of two numbers.

23. C program to find the size of a structure and why does the structure's area differ from each member's?

24. What is the difference between char array and char pointer in C language with example?

25. How do function pointers work in C?

26. How to pass a function as a parameter in C?

27. Difference between typedef struct and struct definitions with example?

28. Implementing a custom strlen() function.

29. Implementing a custom abs() function.

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