C header file: <stdlib.h> - Conversion, memory, process control, sort and search, mathematics

stdlib.h is the header of the general purpose standard library of C programming language which includes functions involving numeric conversion functions, pseudo-random numbers generation functions, memory allocation, process control functions.

The <stdlib.h> include file declares the stdlib manipulation functions:

A complete table of stdlib Lybrary:

Name Description
atof() function Convert character string to float.
atoi() function Convert a string to an integer.
atol() function Convert a string to a long integer.
strtod() function Convert strings to a double-precision value.
strtol() function Convert a string to a long integer.
strtoul() function Convert a string to an unsigned long.
calloc() function A memory allocator.
free() function Free allocated memory.
malloc() function A memory allocator.
realloc() function Reallocate memory blocks.
abort() function Stop a process.
atexit() function Processes the specified function at exit.
exit()function Terminate a process.
getenv()function Get value of an environment variable.
system()function Issue a command.
bsearch()function Binary search a sorted table.
qsort()function Sort a table of data.
abs()function Calculate integer absolute value.
div()function Calculate quotient and remainder.
labs()function long integer absolute value.
ldiv()function Long and Long Long Division.
rand()function Pseudo-random number generator.
srand()function Pseudo-random number generator.
mblen()function Get number of bytes in a character.
mbstowcs()function Convert a character string to a wide-character string.
mbtowc()function Convert a character to a wide-character code.
wcstombs()function Convert a wide-character string to a character string.
wctomb()function Convert a wide-character code to a character.

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