SQL LN() function

LN() function

SQL LN() function returns the natural logarithm of n, where n is greater than 0 and its base is a number equal to approximately 2.71828183.



DB2, PostgreSQL, and Oracle

All of above platforms support the SQL syntax of LN().

MySQL and SQL Server

If you are using above two platforms, use LOG() instead.


Name Description
expression An expression which is a float or can be converted to a float.

SQL LN() function: Pictorial presentation

SQL LN() function


To get the natural logarithm of 65 from the DUAL table, the following SQL statement can be used:

SELECT LN(65) "natural_log of 65" 
FROM dual;


natural_log of 65

Note: Outputs of the said SQL statement shown here is taken by using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition.

Here is a slide presentation which covers the SQL arithmetic functions.

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