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SQL create table

SQL create table

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Tables are a basic unit of organization and storage of data in SQL. Each table has a name such as an author, book_mast, purchase or orders. A table is similar to a file in a non-database system.

Tables are organized into rows and columns. Each row represents a record, and each column can be thought of as representing a component of that record.


CREATE TABLE <table_name>(
column1    data_type[(size)],
column2    data_type[(size)],


Name Description
table_name Name of the table where data is stored.
column1,column2 Name of the columns of a table.
data_type Char, varchar, integer, decimal, date and more.
size Maximum length of the column of a table.

SQL create table basic statement

The following will describe, how a simple table can be created.


The following example creates a table. Here is the field name and data types :

Field Name Data Type Size Decimal Places NULL
agent_code char 6   No
agent_name char 40   No
working_area char 35   No
commission decimal 10 2 No
phone_no char 15   Yes

the following SQL statement can be used :

agent_code char(6),
agent_name char(40),
working_area char(35),
commission decimal(10,2),
phone_no char(15) NULL);

To see the structure of the created table :

DESCRIBE mytest; 


 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ------
 AGENT_CODE                                         CHAR(6)
 AGENT_NAME                                         CHAR(40)
 WORKING_AREA                                       CHAR(35)
 COMMISSION                                         NUMBER(10,2)
 PHONE_NO                                           CHAR(15)

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