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Components of a table

Components of a table (of a database)


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A table is a container of data (values). A table has vertical columns also called as fields and horizontal rows. A set of value stored in a row is called a record.

Following image is an pictorial presentation of a table and different components of it :

Components of a table

A column name can be used in more than one tables and to maintain integrity of data and reduce redundancy. This is called as relation.

Elements of a table

Components of a table - table

A table can store a mass Information in a tabular form.

Components of a table - fields or columns

The information of a table stored against some heads, those are fields or columns. Columns shows vertically in a table.

Components of a table - column name

Each fields or column has an individual name. A table cannot contain same name of two different columns

Components of a table - record

All the columns in a table makes a row. Each row contain all the information of an individual topics.

Components of a table - column value

Value of each field makes a row is the column value.

Components of a table - key field

Each table should contain a field which can create a link with another one or more table is the key field of a table.


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