MySQL ATAN2() function

ATAN2() function

MySQL ATAN2() returns the arc tangent of two numbers for a point on a Cartesian plane.The reverse function is TAN().

This function is useful in -

  • It is essential for dealing with coordinate systems, especially when converting between Cartesian (x, y) and polar (r, θ) coordinates.
  • ATAN2() helps in calculating slopes and gradients of lines or curves in two-dimensional space.
  • It is used in various engineering and physics applications for tasks like angle measurement, motion control, and trajectory planning.
  • ATAN2() is used in control systems engineering to design controllers for dynamic systems, as it provides a means to calculate angles and directions of motion.
  • In astronomy and satellite tracking systems, ATAN2() is employed to calculate the required angle adjustments for accurately tracking celestial bodies.


ATAN2(num1, num2);


Name Description
num1 A number.
num2 A number.

Syntax Diagram:

MySQL ATAN2() Function - Syntax Diagram

MySQL Version: 8.0





The above MySQL statement will return the arc tangent in radians of -3 and 2 for a point in a Cartesian plane.


mysql> SELECT ATAN2(-3,2);
| ATAN2(-3,2)        |
| -0.982793723247329 | 
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

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