ng lint

Runs linting tools on Angular app code in a given project folder.

ng lint <project> [options]
ng l <project> [options]


Takes the name of the project, as specified in the projects section of the angular.json workspace configuration file. When a project name is not supplied, it will execute for all projects.


--configuration=configuration The linting configuration to use.
Aliases: -c
--exclude Files to exclude from linting.
--files Files to include in linting.
--fix=true|false Fixes linting errors (may overwrite linted files).
Default: false
--force=true|false Succeeds even if there was linting errors.
Default: false
--format=format Output format (prose, json, stylish, verbose, pmd, msbuild, checkstyle, vso, fileslist).
Default: prose

Shows a help message for this command in the console.
Default: false
--silent=true|false Show output text.
Default: false
--tsConfig=tsConfig The name of the TypeScript configuration file.
--tslintConfig=tslintConfig The name of the TSLint configuration file.
--typeCheck=true|false Controls the type check for linting.
Default: false

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