Camper's Parent Satisfaction Survey Form: Google Form Template

Camper's Parent Satisfaction Survey Form

This Camper's Parent Satisfaction Survey Form can be used to collect a detailed feedback from the parents or guardians of a participant. This information is crucial to make the next camp a success.

Description of Camper's Parent Satisfaction Survey Form

This form has eleven sections. The first question is, Was this your camper's first time attending camp? choice yes or no.

The next question asks to user Why did you choose this camp? - write short answer.

Next section asks to camper, How did you hear about camp? Unit presentation or Brochure or website or from a friend or other. This options is required. Choose any one option.

Next section asks to camper to Would you send your camper(s) again? Camper choose any one Yes or No.

Next section required to explain your opinion about satisfaction.

Next section Campers may Evaluate the following statements like Staff were polite and helpful - you choose Excellent or good or Fair etc. next The parent package was informative - you choose good or fair or need improvement etc.

Next section after evaluation camper please submit any further comments below.

Next section You provide your email address and telephone number if you would like us to contact you regarding any questions.

After complete the survey click submit button

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