School Safety Survey Form: Google Form Template

School Safety Survey Form

Schools will find the super easy to collect information from students regarding existing safety practices in school and also may understand what more needs to be done to make the school safer.

Description of School Safety Survey Form

This form has ten section. First section in this form asks to choice the option about how safe do you feel in your school?. Like very safe, safe somewhat safe etc.

Next section expected to mention year of graduation.

Next section expect you choice student feeling. How safe do you think your students feel in school?. Like Very safe, or safe or unsafe etc.

Next section you choice yes or no. Do you feel your school is a safe place from gun violence?

In the next section you also choice yes or no. How your school taken steps to increase safety in your classroom? Yes or No.

In the 6th section you choose yes or no. Does your school have a safety plan in place in the event of an armed intruder? Yes or No.

Next section expects you to click yes or no. Does your school have a safety plan in place in the event of an armed intruder. Yes or No.

Next two sections are required to your opinion. How likely would you be to bring a firearm to school if you were allowed to? This is a required option very likely or likely or unlikely etc.

Next sections you are write Yes or No? Do you own a firearm?

Next sections you also write Yes or No, Have you been offered training in firearm safety or a concealed carry course from your school, district, or state?

Next section answer, Do you currently have armed police at your school during classroom hours? Yes or No.

Lastly Do you feel that having an armed police officer in your school would improve safety or make your school less safe? Greatly improve, Improve, Somewhat improve, or Somewhat improve, etc.

After complete the all section of School safety survey form then click submit.

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