Typical Customer Demographics Form: Google Form Template

Typical Customer Demographics Form

This Typical Customer Demographics Form can be used to collect educational, financial and personal information from customers.

Description of Typical Customer Demographics Form

In this form has nine section. The first section ask to you, How old is your typical customer? Tick the group below which is suitable.

Next section expects you to mention your gender.

Next section expects you ask what is the highest level of school your typical customer has completed or the highest degree they have received? (check all that apply).

Next section ask to you, which of the following categories best describes your customer employment status?(check all that apply).

Next sections ask to you, what is your typical customer's yearly household income? (check all that apply).

Next section ask, Is your typical customer currently married, widowed, divorced, separated or never married?(check all that apply).

Next section ask to you Does your typical customer have children, or not? choose any one of these.

Next section ask, Is your typical customer's living quarters owned or being bought by them or someone in their household, rented for cash, or occupied with out payment of cash rent?(check all that apply).

Next section expects you to provided topics.

The last section asks Does your typical customer own a business or a farm? choose yes, no or others.

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