Website Feedback Survey: Google Form Template

Website Feedback Survey

The purpose of this form is to understand visitor feedback regarding your Website. You may see This is how the form looks:

Web Site feedback survey
Web Site feedback survey

Description of Website Feedback Survey form

This form has six sections. First section asks the Is this the first time you have visited the website? There are there options to choose from, namely Yes, No and Other.

The second section asks How have you used our website today? Your user may choose from slew of options - To find information, To find a document, To report a problem with this website,
To make a submission or comment on a proposal, To contact the EPA, To make a submission or comment on a proposal and Other.

Next section asks Please tell us how easy it is to find information on the site. This is a required question. Very Easy, Easy, Average, Difficult, Very Difficult and Other ? these are the options your users are shown to choose from,
Next section asks Did you find what you needed? This is also a required option. Options shown are Yes, all of it, Yes, some of it, No, none of it and Other.

What is the likelihood that you will visit the website again? Asks the next section. Available options are Extremely likely, Very likely, Moderately likely, Slightly likely and Not at all likely. This is also a required question.

Last section asks Please add any comments. This is a required question. Users may write their own opinion as an answer to this question.

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