School ID Registration Form: Google Form Template

School ID Registration Form

Schools may use this School ID Registration Form to collect all the information required from a student to generate a School ID Card.

Description of School ID Registration Form

This form has twelve section. First section in this form asks to write your name.

Next section expected to mention year of graduation.

Next section expect Street address. This is a required option. Here you type your address with street address and address line 2 may also be used.

Next section expects you to write your city name.

In the next section you are supposed to write your state name or province or region.

In the 7th section you type your postal or zip code.

Next section eight expects you to supply your country name.

Next two sections are required, you are expected to write your e-mail address and phone number. This is a required option.

Next section expects you to provided school ID.

Complete the school ID registration form and click submit.

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