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PHP : array_diff() function

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PHP: Computes the difference of arrays

The array_diff() function is used to compares an array against one or more other arrays and returns the values in the first array that are not present in any of the other arrays.


(PHP 4 and above)


array_diff(array1, array2, array3 ...)


Name Description Required /
array1 The specified array which will be compared with other arrays. Required Array
array2 Compared with the first array. Required Array
array3 Compared with the first array. Optional Array

Return value

An array containing all the entries from array1 whose values are not present in any of the other arrays i.e. array2, array3 etc.

Value Type : Array

Pictorial Presentation :

php array  array_diff() function

Example :

$array1 = array(0=> 'Language', 1=>'Math', 2=>'Science', 3=>'Geography');
$array2 = array(0=> 'Math', 1=>'Science', 2=>'History');
$diff_result = array_diff($array1, $array2);

Output :

Array ( [0] => Language [3] => Geography )

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