PHP: krsort() function

PHP: Sort an array by key in reverse order

The krsort() function is used to sort an array by key in reverse order. Sorts an array by key in reverse order, maintaining a key to data correlations. The function is useful mainly for associative arrays.


(PHP 4 and above)


krsort(array_name, sort_type)


Name Description Required /
array_name The argument to process in radians. Required Array
sort_type Sets the sorting behavior. Possible Sorting type flags.
SORT_REGULAR - Compare items normally.
SORT_NUMERIC - Compare items numerically.
SORT_STRING - Compare items as strings.
SORT_LOCALE_STRING - compare items as strings, based on the current locale
Optional Integer

Return value:

TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

Value Type: Boolean.


$w3r_array = array("x" => "html", "y" => "xhtml", "z" => "xml");


Array ([z] => xml [y] => xhtml [x] => html) 

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