MySQL DAYNAME() function

DAYNAME() function

MySQL DAYNAME() returns the name of the week day of a date specified in the argument.

This function is useful in -

  • DAYNAME() is used to group, analyze, and visualize data based on the day of the week.
  • It helps in identifying patterns, trends, or variations that occur on specific days.
  • In applications that involve scheduling events, DAYNAME() helps identify the day of the week on which an event is scheduled, aiding in planning and coordination.
  • When plotting data on graphs or charts, DAYNAME() can be used to label the x-axis with the names of the days, making the chart more informative.
  • For reservation systems, DAYNAME() helps display the day of the week when customers make reservations, facilitating booking decisions.
  • DAYNAME() can be used to analyze business operations that vary by day, such as customer footfall, sales, or website traffic.



Where date1 is a date.

Syntax Diagram:

MySQL DAYNAME() Function - Syntax Diagram

MySQL Version: 8.0

Pictorial Presentation:

Pictorial Presentation of MySQL DAYNAME() function

Example: MySQL DAYNAME() function

The following statement will return the name of the week day of the specified date 2008-05-15.


SELECT DAYNAME('2008-05-15');


mysql> SELECT DAYNAME('2008-05-15');
| DAYNAME('2008-05-15') |
| Thursday              | 
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

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