MySQL the TIMESTAMPDIFF() returns a value after subtracting a datetime expression from another.

It is not necessary that both the expression are of the same type. One may be a date and another is datetime. A date value is treated as a datetime with a default time part '00:00:00'. The unit for the result is given by another argument.

The unit should be one of the following : FRAC_SECOND (microseconds), SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, QUARTER, or YEAR.

This function is useful in -

  • TIMESTAMPDIFF() is essential for time-based analysis by enabling you to measure the duration between events or actions.
  • It's useful for calculating ages or durations, such as the age of a person based on their birthdate.
  • TIMESTAMPDIFF() is used in time series analysis to calculate the time intervals between data points.
  • The function is valuable for filtering records or data based on time criteria, such as selecting records within a specific time range.
  • TIMESTAMPDIFF() supports the analysis of historical data by providing precise measurements of time intervals.
  • It provides a precise measurement of the time difference between two points in time, allowing for accurate calculations.
  • The function allows you to calculate time differences in units other than seconds, such as years, months, or days.




Name Description
datetime_expr1 A datetime expression.
datetime_expr1 A datetime expression.
unit An unit, as described in the description.

Syntax Diagram:

MySQL TIMESTAMPDIFF() Function - Syntax Diagram

MySQL Version: 8.0

Pictorial Presentation:

Pictorial Presentation of MySQL TIMESTAMPDIFF() function


The following statement will return a value in months by subtracting 2009-05-18 from 2009-07-29.


SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH,'2009-05-18','2009-07-29'); 


mysql> SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH,'2009-05-18','2009-07-29');
| TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH,'2009-05-18','2009-07-29') |
|                                              2 | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Example: TIMESTAMPDIFF() function in MINUTE

The following statement will return a value in minutes after subtracting 2009-05-18 11:45:42 from 2009-05-20 15:16:39.


SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,'2009-05-18 11:45:42','2009-05-20 15:16:39');


mysql> SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,'2009-05-18 11:45:42','2009-05-20 15:16:39');
| TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,'2009-05-18 11:45:42','2009-05-20 15:16:39') |
|                                                              3090 | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

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