WEEKOFYEAR() function

MySQL WEEKOFYEAR() returns the calendar week (as a number) of a given date. The return value is in the range of 1 to 53.

This function is useful in -

  • WEEKOFYEAR() is valuable for aggregating data by week, which is common in financial and sales reporting.
  • In business analytics, WEEKOFYEAR() is used to calculate various performance metrics on a weekly basis.
  • This is particularly important for tracking short-term goals and targets.
  • It's useful for filtering records or data based on a specific week or range of weeks.
  • WEEKOFYEAR() can be used in applications for scheduling and planning tasks or events on a weekly schedule.
  • It's used in resource allocation and workforce management systems to allocate resources on a weekly basis.
  • In financial planning, WEEKOFYEAR() helps in budgeting and forecasting on a weekly time frame.
  • When comparing data over time, WEEKOFYEAR() helps in comparing data point by point, making it easier to spot trends or anomalies.



Where dt is a date.

Syntax Diagram:

MySQL WEEKOFYEAR() Function - Syntax Diagram

MySQL Version: 8.0

Pictorial Presentation

Pictorial Presentation of MySQL WEEKOFYEAR() function

Example: MySQL WEEKOFYEAR() function

The following statement will return the calendar week of the specified date 2009-05-19.


SELECT WEEKOFYEAR('2009-05-19');


mysql> SELECT WEEKOFYEAR('2009-05-19');
| WEEKOFYEAR('2009-05-19') |
|                       21 | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

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