PHP: crypt() function


The crypt() is used to encrypts a string using DES, Blowfish, and MD5 (if available) algorithms.


(PHP 4 and above)


crypt(string1, salt)


Name Description Required /
string1 The string to be encrypted. Required String
salt An optional salt string to base the hashing on. If not provided, the behavior is defined by the algorithm implementation and can lead to unexpected results. Optional String

Return value:

The encrypted string.

Value Type: string


echo "Standard DES: ".crypt("Thank you")."\n<br />";
echo "Extended DES: ".crypt("Thank you")."\n<br />";
echo "MD5: ".crypt("Thank you")."\n<br />";
echo "Blowfish: ".crypt("Thank you");


Standard DES: $1$cx1./y3.$H.8Trcy6pLgimqOWmGYrh/
Extended DES: $1$aU0.bl3.$h0A8HqJMF8gA3KwoZa6vq0
MD5: $1$Ic4.x85.$VmsInH4NRIb9WS5ofMGi80
Blowfish: $1$m00.1U3.$8BdJ6KtYIhRSMSJVqQpN71

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PHP: How to write to the console in PHP?


On Firefox you can use an extension called FirePHP which enables the logging and dumping of information from your PHP applications to the console. This is an addon to the awesome web development extension Firebug.

  • http://www.studytrails.com/blog/using-firephp-in-firefox-to-debug-php/


However if you are using Chrome there is a PHP debugging tool called Chrome Logger or webug (webug has problems with the order of logs).

More recently Clockwork is in active development which extends the Developer Tools by adding a new panel to provide useful debugging and profiling information. It provides out of the box support for Laravel 4 and Slim 2 and support can be added via its extensible API.

Using Xdebug

A better way to debug your PHP would be via Xdebug. Most browsers provide helper extensions to help you pass the required cookie/query string to initialize the debugging process.

  • Chrome - Xdebug Helper
  • Firefox - The easiest Xdebug
  • Opera - Xdebug
  • Safari - Xdebug Toggler

Ref : https://bit.ly/3ck9rFg