PHP: similar_text() function


The similar_text() function is used to calculate the number of similar characters between two strings.
The similar_text() function can also calculate the similarity of the strings in percent.


(PHP 4 and above)


similar_text(first_string, second_string, npercent) 


Name Description Required /
first_string The first input string. Required String
second_string The second input string. Required String
npercent Variable to store the percentage of similarity between the input strings. Optional Integer

Return value:

Returns the number of matching chars in both strings.

Value Type: Integer


echo "Comparing strings : 'Good Morning' and 'Good Evening'".'<br>';
echo 'No of similar characters : '.similar_text('Good Morning', 'Good Evening').'<br>';
similar_text('Good Morning', 'Good Evening', $similar_percent);
echo 'Similarity between two strings in  percentage : '. $similar_percent;


Comparing strings: 'Good Morning' and 'Good Evening'
No of similar   characters : 9
Similarity between two strings in  percentage : 75

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