PHP: implode() function


The implode() function is used to join array elements with a string.


(PHP 4 and above)


 implode (string_join, array_name)


Name Description Required /
string_join String-join works as a connector between the array elements. The default value is a empty string (" "). Optional String
array_name The array who's elements will be joined. Required Array

Return values:

A string representation of all the array elements in the same order, with the string_join string between each array element.

Value Type: String.

Pictorial Presentation



$array_name=array('First Name', 'Middle Name', 'Last Name');
$join_string=implode("-", $array_name);
echo $join_string;
echo '<br>';
$join_string=implode(" ", $array_name);
echo $join_string;


First Name-Middle Name-Last Name
First Name Middle Name Last Name

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PHP: Tips of the Day

In PHP, there are two versions of logical AND and OR operators.

Operator True if
$a and $b Both $a and $b are true
$a && $b Both $a and $b are true
$a or $b Either $a or $b is true
$a || $b Either $a or $b is true

Note that the && and || opererators have higher precedence than and and or. See table below:

Evaluation Result of $e Evaluated as
$e = false || true True $e = (false || true)
$e = false or true False ($e = false) or true

Because of this it's safer to use && and || instead of and and or.