NumPy Array manipulation: ascontiguousarray() function

numpy.ascontiguousarray() function

The function ascontiguousarray() is used to get a contiguous array in memory (C order).


numpy.ascontiguousarray(a, dtype=None)
NumPy manipulation: ascontiguousarray() function

Version: 1.15.0


Name Description Required /
a Input array. Required
dtype Data-type of returned array. Optional

Return value:

out : ndarray - Contiguous array of same shape and content as a, with type dtype if specified.

Example: numpy.ascontiguousarray()

>>> import numpy as np
>>> a = np.arange(9).reshape(3, 3)
>>> np.ascontiguousarray(a, dtype=np.float32)
array([[ 0.,  1.,  2.],
       [ 3.,  4.,  5.],
       [ 6.,  7.,  8.]], dtype=float32)
>>> a.flags['C_CONTIGUOUS']

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NumPy manipulation: ascontiguousarray() function

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