NumPy Array manipulation: transpose() function

numpy.transpose() function

The transpose() function is used to permute the dimensions of an array.


numpy.transpose(a, axes=None)
NumPy manipulation: resize() function

Version: 1.15.0


Name Description Required /
a Input array. Required
axis By default, reverse the dimensions, otherwise permute the axes according to the values given. Optional

Return value:

[ndarray]: a with its axes permuted. A view is returned whenever possible.

Example-2: numpy.transpose() function

>>> import numpy as np
>>> a = np.arange(6).reshape((3,2))
>>> np.transpose(a)
array([[0, 2, 4],
       [1, 3, 5]])

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NumPy manipulation: transpose() function

Example-3: numpy.transpose() function

>>> import numpy as np	   
>>> a = np.ones((2,3,4))
>>> np.transpose(a,(1,0,2)).shape
(3, 2, 4)
>>> np.transpose(a,(2,1,0)).shape
(4, 3, 2)

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